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I felt as if I'd been out of step all my life and Kim O'Neill had been chosen to put me back on track.

Catherine Lanigan

Bestselling author of "Romancing the Stone", "Jewel of the Nile", "Angel Watch", "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living your Dream", and "Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul"


Kim is a warm, generous, and empathetic soul, gifted with an outstanding channeling ability. Her sessions have served as precious advice during harder moments, and a bright inspiration for greater achievements during periods of growth. Kim is a ray of light, helping us to navigate our earthly journeys and reminding us that we are all connected and whole. One of the amazing things she told me was about our big move to the US, my career path, and our kids’ developing characters, that Kim predicted spot on!

Lilia T. 

I've been seeing Kim since the early nineties and I can't say enough about her readings. This has helped guide me through life and see things from a more objective view. I think being open to the readings allows for opportunities that we didn't think were possible and letting time and patience lead us on our trail to success! I can't say enough wonderful things about Kim and I recommend her highly as an awesome channel.

MaryBeth S.


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Kim has taught me that feelings which I used to call my "gut instinct" were actually my Guardian Angels communicating with me. She has taught me how to discern and understand their guidance, and as a result, I'm much more in tune.

 Steve W.

Kim is such an amazing channel! From the very first time Kim channeled for me she said something to me that was so personal and so confidential that no one could have ever imagined! From that exact moment I knew Kim was absolutely channeling a "much higher source. I have known Kim for more than 15 years and she has been my go-to earth angel for so many critical life decisions. Kim has been completely “spot on” about personal health, work decisions, and family events. She has made stressful times incredibly easier to navigate to make good personal life decisions. On one occasion, Kim completely predicted the company I was working for was going to soon go through major changes; be sold and consequently, I would be out of a job. Sure, I still had to go through the process (which did happen), but I was able to navigate my next very important life decisions and be better prepared for being out of work. Even when I felt that gut instinct that something was just not right, it was great to have a “tool” like Kim's channeling to validate and provide more details. I have experienced going through a number of major life events over the past years. In each experience, I am so grateful Kim's channeling insights made my decisions and planning such a much easier experience. Everyone needs a Kim “angel” on their side to help navigate the game of life!

Marge M.

Kim O'Neill has consistently WOWED audiences at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. programs. Individuals coming to her presentations frequently use words such as “inspiring,” “enthusiastic,” and “engaging” to describe their time with Kim. She is extremely empathetic, caring, and makes people aware that she is there for them. In addition to her dedication to and support of audiences wherever goes, she is also appreciative of the Cayce work. Thank you, Kim, for your work raising the consciousness of humankind.

Kevin J. Todeschi

Executive Director & CEO, Edgar Cayce ARE. / Atlantic University (Retired)



Kim has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Even when I didn't speak to her on my own, my mom would include my questions in her readings with Kim. As I've gotten older my questions have evolved in maturity, but Kim has always provided such good guidance. She reminds me of the fluidity that comes with the communication we seek with our angels and has always encouraged me to find my own relationship with my angels, which I practice every day.

Lauren V. 



Hello Kim! I met you at the Edgar Cayce Institute in January where you gave me a lively last minute reading at the end of the seminar in front of the group! You told me all kinds of true things about my current situation, and described my Mr. Wonderful to me. Your reading gave me the hope and strength to heal myself. Jacob came to me in early 2017 and I turned him down at first!! (We actually went to junior high, high school, and even the same college without ever connecting!) He tried again 6 months later and I agreed to go out with him. We just eloped on New Year's Day. He loves the story of your reading for me. I look at him and can hardly believe I get to be with him, every day. I was REALLY inspired by the story of your own relationship. I can't even count the number of times your reading strengthened me to trust God and remember that every day “Is a life-changing day” even when it doesn't feel like it is. This was the most important part of me becoming prepared to be responsible for something so wonderful. Thank you from both of us. You were so right about everything.

Kara P.H.

I want to start by saying that a reading by anyone is not an exact science that is set in stone. We have free will to change our lives. Thanks to Kim and my angels. I have changed my life for the positive. The things I asked were 100% confirmed and I thank her and have the utmost respect for her. The gift she shares with the world is a blessing. I give her not only a recommendation but an honest testimony of how her ability can be used as a tool to help you help yourself.

Andrea F.

I sought Kim O'Neill's expertise in making sense of the death of my brother. Kim was a God-Send! She was able to connect with my brother, clearly channel his distinct personality, and convey all the information needed to begin the process of my healing. Now I feel that I can continue to have a friendship with my brother. A funny note is that the dreams I now have of my brother are very similar to what they were when he was alive, and I no longer feel as if I have lost my tag team partner in life. Kim can also speak directly with your angels and it is always fun to simply open the floor and let the angels speak freely. I always walk away from a session feeling enlightened with more gifts than I would have thought to ask for! Thank you, Kim!

Matt D.

My channeling experience with Kim was truly amazing! Throughout our session, Kim was accessing information from my angels about how I was feeling about my career, loved ones trying to communicate with me, and even past life experiences. Everything that was being said was chillingly accurate! Post-session, I received so many validations in just one week with the information Kim shared, and it was truly mind-blowing!

The day after my first session with Kim, I was in a waiting room for an appointment. Since I had a long wait time, another person handed me a book they suggested I take a look at while waiting. I started just browsing the book since it had over 800 pages. As I browsed the pages, I found a passage about Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War!!! I almost fell out of my chair since Kim, just hours earlier, was channeling information about me and Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War. How absolutely random and crazy is that? I was so blown away that I took a screenshot of the book passage. I guess it was no angels wanted to truly confirm and validate what Kim shared in my session! Kim is the best of the best!

Alex M.

Kim O'Neill delivers a fun and practical program—every time! It's always uplifting to hear her messages from the angels, how audience members can develop their channeling abilities and other empowering topics. Event planners, be prepared: she is a popular speaker who draws a crowd!

Katherine A. 

Kim is a very experienced, professional channel. Her sessions are conducted with the utmost integrity. In the years that she has channeled for me, I have always appreciated her honesty in providing me with accurate, concise information. She is a delightfully genuine person!

Dana T. 

I just wanted to thank you again for being such a bright blessing in my life. I don't know how often you get to hear about what happens after a session and the amazing impact you have. My channeling and writing is growing, flourishing, and expanding with even more depth, focus, and richness. Sometimes my fingers can't keep up with all of the amazing information my angels and the animals are relaying to me! Also, I've completed my website for my animal communication business - with great assistance from my angels and the animals - and am excited to get that going! Thank you again for all you do and for helping me start the new year by zooming forward! I wish you everything bright and beautiful.

Laura B. 

You are truly a breath of fresh air and given your celebrated status as psychic and author, I don't think anyone who didn't know you before would have expected such a wonderful and caring person to lead this retreat. You truly care about people and it clearly comes through when you channel. You definitely made this retreat special for me and I thank you. I wanted to Thank You again for sharing with us your knowledge and experiences as you made the class not only informative but funny and personalized. As I said in class you have a wonderful gift and channeling for us helps as we have questions and welcome the opportunity to ask someone who is honest and real as yourself what our Angels see.

Karen K. 

Dear Kim: Thank you so much for all that you have given to me and to others. Your readings, intuitive tips, suggestions, and support have helped me so much. I was giving up any hope I had for a better way, a better day, and trying to find the answers to what I know was inside of me yet didn't know how to trust my self-channeling with my angels. Your teachings are the information I have longed for and have given me a whole new outlook and understanding of myself, and my angels who I can now channel. Bless you and thank you so much.

J. H.

Kim, I'm the luckiest person in the world; I was able to see you yesterday! I have one word to describe your “Way of Knowingness” workshop! Wow! You're an amazing woman. I love your humor and the love that shines in your soul. The channeled message you gave me took my breath away. You confirmed so many things for me. You brought life back into my project. I was losing confidence in myself. I will cherish this moment/day forever. You left an impression on my heart. Many Blessings to You!

Judy F. 

The first time I met Kim, it was as a student in one of her workshops. What could be better than to get my own answers, I thought. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. I'm always impressed with Kim as her eloquence and professionalism are unmatched, not to mention her kindness and grace in dealing with personal matters. I've had numerous channeling sessions with Kim since then and each one has taught me so much about myself and the world around me. Whenever something weighs heavily on my mind and heart, Kim is the one person know I can rely on the get the right direction in life. I've even learned to get my own answers intuitively over time. I recommend Kim's services wholeheartedly.

Hilmi A. 

I attended your How to talk with your Angels workshop in Atlanta yesterday. I have been practicing Energy Healing for over 8 years and have attended workshops from many different modalities. Your material was put together so well and your words and energy made everyone feel empowered and comforted at the same time. I smiled the whole time from your reinforcing what I have experienced through the years and the validation of what is to come to me and to the others in the room. Please continue to spread your Light and Love and bring the Awareness we all desire and need.

 John V. 

Thank you again for all your fabulous work today at the Cayce Center. I wasn't picked for a reading, but seeing all the many beautiful messages that came through was wonderful. I believe many of those people received messages that will turn out to be once-in-a-lifetime information. So much love from angels today! You are so wonderful and so positive! Thank you for your hard work and for making such a difference in people's lives! I believe you are half human and half angel!! 

 Suzy S.

I can vouch for Kim's integrity, professionalism, character, and accurateness. She is spot on. I recently lost a daughter who took her life by suicide. Through channeling with Kim and knowing it was indeed my daughter has helped me cope with my horrific loss at such a soul level. We all must remember that God's gift to us is free will. It is our choice to tune in and listen to the angels that guide us, or not. But we are all accountable for the choices we make. Kim had no idea of the affectionate pet name "Mommy" that my adult daughter had for me. In my last session with Kim she blurted out (in my daughter's fashion) an expletive to a situation Kim knew nothing about. It certainly resonated with me. I never shared either circumstance/situation with Kim. That is indeed affirmation for me. You have a very unique and special gift, Kim. Thank for sharing it with me and others, and helping us to help ourselves  become more enlightened as souls. 

Shirley C. 

I have been a friend & a client of Kim's for 20 years and she is always spot on. I recommend her to my friends & colleagues; love hearing their positive feedback.

Janie S. 

Loved seeing Kim O’Neill live today at the Edgar Cayce Center. She astounds with her angel readings. Thank you Kim for your generosity!

Carolyn M. 

Thank you for the life-changing reading you gave me during the Vallombrosa retreat. It was an amazing gift and the feeling of joy is still present.


There are not enough words to express how life-changing your workshop has been for me ~ it is so transformative.


Saturday was a blissful day for me. I mean this — it truly was one of the top days of my life. I felt the presence of the angels, their grace, and their communication. The workshop itself was encouraging and enlightening. I love, love, love the world of angels.

C. A. 

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